PCT-TRS-6 Universal RG6 konnektor

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PCT-TRS-6 Universal RG6 konnektor

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PCT compression F connectors can be compressed to coaxial cable in which their unique dual compression ring technology provides excellent protection against moisture migration and offers superior holding strength for maximum longevity. The F connector is used for F type terminations for many coaxial applications including coaxial jumper cables used for antenna, cable, and satellite TV installations.

Features and Benefits
• Connector type: F connector
• Compatible with 60% thru quad shield RG6 coaxial cable
• One piece all metal design
• Excellent shielding protection
• Unique design requires little force to install
• Patented dual 360° compression rings
• Meets all applicable SCTE specifications
• Industry standard 1/4 in. - 1/4 in. cable preparation

• Compatible with PCT-RH-CT, PCT-RH-CT-AS, PCT-TRS-CT, PCT-TRS-CT-AS, or PCT-AIO-CT F connector tools




Varenr. 1115